Appliance Repair Troubleshooting Questions


Refrigerator will not get colder than 39 deg
Answeredjontlcxpwz answered 54 years ago • 
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Siemens door lock E57
Answeredolwrxoeonb answered 54 years ago • 
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Maytag dryer doesn’t heat
Answerednqijbbxukj answered 54 years ago • 
1270 views0 answers0 votes
Philco plcc05 washing machine not spinning and filling all the time
Answeredqvtgjiewnq answered 54 years ago • 
1643 views0 answers-2 votes
Whirlpool Refrigerator not working – Clicking sound
Answeredzzovtvynjg answered 54 years ago • 
1981 views0 answers0 votes
Frigidaire ice maker and water dispenser works intermittently
Answeredzkjcnqeiqj answered 54 years ago • 
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Maytag dryer belt keeps snapping/melting
Answeredmmjcbdlakq answered 54 years ago • 
153 views0 answers0 votes
Replace a broken plastic door latch on a microwave with a metal one
AnsweredEric answered 54 years ago • 
2138 views0 answers0 votes
GE Washer Spin Cycle not working for regular load
AnsweredfqHKTugmoGyQ answered 54 years ago • 
1541 views0 answers0 votes
New Maytag dryer motor wired wrong?
AnsweredFZLvUGhkSc answered 54 years ago • 
1374 views0 answers0 votes
GE profile wprb8050 suddenly stopped working
AnsweredchOEwIgG answered 54 years ago • 
1453 views0 answers0 votes
New Dryer Has No Heat – Wired Wrong?
AnsweredPHevqEdzrySRiY answered 54 years ago • 
1805 views0 answers0 votes
GE Profile Refrigerator not Cooling
AnsweredqaxwzKTEn answered 54 years ago • ,
304 views0 answers0 votes
Kitchen aid kscs25fkss00 new door gasket won’t seal
AnsweredPBusMpZb answered 54 years ago • 
268 views0 answers0 votes
Thermidor Refrigerator Halogen Lights Not Working
AnsweredNkSOBbXvKGIH answered 54 years ago • 
215 views0 answers0 votes
The Spin cycle on my Amana washer has stopped working
AnsweredLeVester Brown answered 54 years ago • 
1905 views0 answers1 votes
Kenmore 80 series won’t spin
AnsweredWilliam answered 54 years ago • 
129 views0 answers0 votes
Dishwasher has gone crazy! Repair or buy new?????
AnsweredIaotJbVScD answered 54 years ago • 
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