GE Electric Dryer (DWSR483EB1WW) Motor Hums and Drum Won’t Spin

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Tom asked 6 months ago
GE Electric Dryer Motor Humming and Drum Not Spinning My GE electric dryer has an issue where the motor hums loudly, and the drum won't spin when I turn the switch to "Start." If I manually help the drum start spinning in either direction, it works fine, and the humming stops. This happens every time I try to start it.
  • Observations:
    • No scraping, dragging, or grinding noises when it spins.
    • The belt is slightly frayed but still intact.
    • Both the motor and tensioner spin freely.
    • The black and white slides and felt in the front are still good.
    • The drum seems to hang down slightly in the front.
  • Possible Cause:
    • It might be the rear drum bearing wearing out, causing the front of the drum to hang down and stress the motor. The drum bearing is 15 years old and has some play.
I’d appreciate any advice or recommendations on how to address this issue. Thanks in advance! TOM