Samsung washing Machine will not complete spin cycle

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Samsung washing Machine will not complete spin cycle...has 9 minutes left on timer and then goes back to rinse cycle. Out of balance with a large load and also with a small load.
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Emma answered 8 years ago
Mine is doing the same, on a rinse and spin cycle will stop at 9 minutes then slowly spin and on a 15 minute quick wash does the same at 4 minutes. Will do a whole cycle on a long wash though.  Did you find out what was wrong and how to fix it? 
lee answered 8 years ago
Mine is doing the same today, on a normal washing cycle stopped at 16 minutes on the final spin cycle, either showed DC or restarted rinsing and spin cycle and went back to 23 minutes, anyone has this problem fixed?  
jessica answered 8 years ago
did anyone figure this out? mine does the same. we have fixed this washer at least three times. trying to decide if we should just buy a new one!
Anonymous answered 8 years ago
Just had a repair tech check my samsung washer today with the same problem and he said its the suspension rods that needs to be replaced plus the computer board. I got the 5 year protection plan when I bought the washer so I dont have to worry about problems like this.
Wendy Outland Poag answered 8 years ago
Mine does the same and the technician has been here twice and still hasn\'t figured it out. I also bought the 5 year protection plan, but so far it\'s been useless. 
Ed answered 8 years ago
We also had the protection plan and when three different techs came out to fix the promblem they couldn't do it and on the last repair they forgot to connect the water hose putting water all over the floor. We ended up connecting the water hose. rip off of warranty; incompetent techs.  Same promblem continues.
Ashley answered 7 years ago
Has anyone figured out what is wrong? Mine has been doing this for the past two weeks. 
Dustin M. answered 7 years ago
Curious to see if anybody figured out what the problem is. I saw the post above that said the suspension rods needed replaced. Has that been the same for everybody else?  We spoke to 3 different techs today for about 2.5 hours ensuring that the washer was level, that the drain filter wasn't closed and even recalibrating the drum. Still no fix. It will act like it\'s going to spin, but will stop after a moment and resent the time to the beginning of the spin cycle. Tech coming out in two days to check it. 
Tom answered 7 years ago
I have the same problem . Mine is keeps spinning at the final spin. Someone told me the issue is  Stator Assembly, Rotor Assemble or Rear Drum  Bearing .  ** More likely Rear bearing and the spider arm.  Tom
Brandon answered 7 years ago
Tom, did you get confirmation on rear bearing and/or spider arm?  Mine is stopping at 8 minutes and reseting to 10 and won\\\'t complete the cycle.  I cleaned out drain, ran diagnostics and things checked out.  No error codes to date. My unit is 8 years old, so no warranty and wondering if it\\\'s time to purchase a new one, versus getting a tech out here who can\\\'t figure it out.  
Dan answered 7 years ago
Guys, any luck with this problem? Just bought this washer last week and facing the same problem as yours. Sigh answered 7 years ago
I have the same issue.  Final spin cycle gets to about 6 minutes and then goes back up to 10 minutes.  Never seems to enter the really fast spin.  Will do this over and over until I turn the machine off.  All diagnostics show fine.  All hoses are clear and the pump drains the water out of the machine.  Did have an nd code once.  
Mia answered 6 months ago

I to am having a problem with my Samsung front loading machine. If I dont push stop/pause it will go to 2 mintutes and spin forever. Did any one figure it out I had a repairman come and he was unable to fix it but charged $50 for the visit. Help please.

Thomila answered 2 weeks ago

mine starts to wobble when it starts to fast spin and stops or adds more wayer then stops . Ive balanced it takes me allday to wash and spin. I am sick of tjus no clothes get cleaned and has been doing this 7 yrs. What to do its a top load I am thinking of front load washer.