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David Landis asked 12 months ago
My GE GTS22KCPBRBB, approx. 2005 ice maker will make ice, but often the rake arm does not complete its rotation and the ice cube sits on top of it and is not dropped into the tray. The ice maker will not make ice until stuck cubes are removed. It does not do this all the time...will make some ice.This had been happeing and we had a worry free plan from PSEG (power company) and they said I needed a new ice maker. They ordered one and replced it. After making a few cubes successfully, same cubes not being dropped in tray, sitting on top of rake. This shows in photo attached. The second repairman who was different from the first also said the vent blowing cold air into the freezer was facing the wrong direction (away from ice maker) and turned it to the position you see in the photo here. Not sure if this is important, but I would like to know that is the correct positon for the vent to blow...directly on the ice maker. Freezer has had other professional repairs over the years, and I guess it\'s possible a repair person but the vent back in an incorrect position at some point.THANKS for the help...very frustrating!

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Appliance Repair Staff answered 5 months ago

Your GE GTS22KCPBRBB ice maker, which is approximately from 2005, seems to be experiencing an intermittent issue where the rake arm doesn't complete its rotation, resulting in ice cubes getting stuck on top of it and not dropping into the tray. This issue halts further ice production until the stuck cubes are removed. It's notable that this doesn't happen all the time and that some ice is still being made.

You mentioned that under a worry-free plan from PSEG, the ice maker was replaced after a similar issue was diagnosed. However, even after the replacement, the problem persists with cubes not being dropped into the tray, as evidenced in the photo you attached. The second repairman also adjusted the vent that blows cold air into the freezer, redirecting it towards the ice maker, which you're unsure is the correct position.

The direction of the vent blowing cold air into the freezer can indeed impact the ice maker's performance. If the vent was previously facing away from the ice maker, it's possible that the ice maker wasn't receiving sufficient cold air to function optimally. The adjustment made by the second repairman to direct the vent towards the ice maker seems logical, as this would ensure the ice maker is in a colder environment, which is necessary for consistent ice production.

However, if the problem with the rake arm and ice cubes not dropping continues, it suggests there might be an underlying mechanical or electrical issue with the ice maker itself or the components controlling the rake arm's movement. Given the history of professional repairs and adjustments, it's also possible that some settings or alignments were altered.

For the vent's position, it's generally advisable for it to blow directly towards the ice maker. This ensures the ice maker is in the coldest part of the freezer, which is necessary for it to function properly. If you're still experiencing issues despite these adjustments and repairs, it might be worth consulting with a GE appliance specialist or a technician with expertise in refrigerator repairs. They can provide a more targeted diagnosis and ensure that all components, including the vent's position, are correctly set for optimal ice maker performance.

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