Washer won’t go past sensing and lid lock light blinks?

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
After replacing the lid lock switch for the problem machine would not spin and lid lock light flashed,we still have a big problem. After starting a small load (2 towel) the machine goes into sensing mode as it should, lid locks, unlocks and re locks as it should lid light blinks and nothing happens. After about 5 minutes the machine starts to fill with water with out sensing. Too much water is going in for 2 towels. I then shut the power off, unplug and then restart to drain/spin which it does but at the end of the cycle the lid locks light starts to blink again and nothing happens. I shut the power off unplug to unlock the lid and open the machine. The towels are spun and no water is in the machine. What could be the problem with this 4 year old Sears He model 11026002010. It is obviously not the lid lock as suggested to us. Very disappointed in this machine. Can you help us.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

It may be that the control board has an issue. If you replaced the lid lock switch, then the water sensor or the board may be faulty. Have you tested any of the other components?

Alscad31 replied 9 years ago

We only tried the master reset which did not work either. We thought it might be the control board since such unusual things are happening. How do you check the water sensor and would a bad water sensor make the lid lock light continuesly flash? We have something from another site that shows some diagnostic testing, will check there. Also, are there two control boards, which one would it be? Thanks you very much for your help. Louis S

Alscad31 replied 9 years ago

Hello again, I do see 2 main control available for this washer11026002010, would you happen to know the correct part # for this model. It is Sears made by whirlpool. Thanks, Louis S

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Louise answered 8 years ago
We have a series 400 Kenmore washing machine. Initially the problem began with it not draining the water completely during the drain cycle at the end. I would run the drain cycle again and it was all fine. Then it started having the lid lock flashing continuosly and would not spin to dry the clothes. Then it couldnt sense the clothes level and would do nothing with the lid lock coming on and off and then just flashing. The machine seemed to be comletely confused. So we ordered a new control board but that didnt help either. So doing more digging online we found someone with a similar problem who said that it was the actuator that needed replacing. Said that even if lid lock is flashing its not a problem with that part. We installed the actuator today and the machine works well. Hope this helps someone else. Took my husband five minutes to change it. Easy fix!
Myrta answered 2 weeks ago

I have a Kenmore 500 series washer. I was washing towels in the warm setting. Set it to Auto fill. It went up to the washing part. Once that was done I didn't hear the usual clicking sound it makes in between the steps. It didn't go onto the rinsing part. I was able to put it on the drain & spin and the water drained. Once I took the towels out the "rinse" light started flashing.

I saw a video to reset a washer by unplugging it for 1min, plug it again and open and close the lid 6 times. That didn't work. It was for another brand of washer and I think an older washer.