Samsung front load washer is not spinning will drain but not spin

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesSamsung front load washer is not spinning will drain but not spin
Anonymous asked 10 years ago
What are some things I could check before calling repair man? It Is a Samsung Washing Machine model WF218ANW. I have already checked the filter, it was clogged and I cleaned it. It is draining properly. I have also tried resetting it by unplugging it and opening and closing the door 6 times.
gdietz replied 9 years ago

my washer drains but does not spin, when I try to do a spin cycle alone in makes a sound like perhaps a cellanoid engaging but not sending signal ? help

gdietz replied 9 years ago

where is this fuse located

3 Answers
Appliance Repair Staff answered 10 years ago
If your Samsung Washing Machine doesn't spin... If it doesn't spin, check to see if the motor is running, then proceed as follows: If the motor is running: The washer probably has a Frozen Pump Pulley or a Broken Pump Belt. To check the pulley, remove the pump from the washer and try to rotate the pulley manually. If it doesn't turn freely if it's frozen or stiff replace it. If the pump belt is broken or looks quite worn, replace it but be sure to check the pump pulley before you change the belt. If the motor isn't running, the lid switch may be defective. If so, the washing machine can't spin and may not function at all. The switch is inside the washing machine main housing near the door frame. Often you have to raise or open the top or front of the washing machine to get to the switch. If it is defective, you need to replace it. It spins only with the lid closed: For safety, washing machines are made so that they spin only with the lid closed. The lid switch prevents the spinning action when the lid is up. Therefore when the lid is closed , check whether the Washing Machine is spinning or not. You can also workout following steps: Check the fuse and reset the circuit breaker. Straighten a kinked drain hose. Check if the door is opened. For your safety, your washer will not tumble or spin, unless the door is fully closed and locked.
kathykpadilla replied 10 years ago

where is the circuit breaker

Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 10 years ago

The circuit breaker behind the electrical panel.

kellyhhughes replied 9 years ago

My Samsung is not spinning. When the washer is done, the load is very wet. I then put on rinse/spin only and it works. Thoughts?

Anonymous answered 9 years ago
My brand new Samsung washer won't  spin.  Just makes humming nkiss then clicks.  Any ideas 
bill fricke answered 2 weeks ago

I have a Samsung front loading washing machine model number wf42h5200aw/az It will drain but not spin with clothes in it. It will spin without clothes but with difficulty. Or it will spin in one direction but when it changes direction it looks like it is slipping or skipping.