Apparent Refrigerator Ice Maker Failure

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Carlton Taylor asked 12 months ago
I bought my Kenmore Model 363 in April, 1992. Never a problem with numerous electrical outages. Electrical outage last month and Ice Maker no longer works. Replaced Water Valve and Ice Maker. Still no ice (no function at all). Freezer freezes and refrigerator works fine but NO ICE!!! What's up???
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Appliance Repair Staff answered 6 months ago

If your Kenmore Model 363's ice maker stopped working after an electrical outage, despite replacing the water valve and ice maker, there are several potential causes to consider. Since the freezer and refrigerator are functioning correctly, the issue seems isolated to the ice-making mechanism.

First, ensure that the water supply to the ice maker is functioning correctly. Sometimes, the line can become frozen or clogged, especially after a power outage, so check for any kinks or blockages in the line. Also, verify that the electrical connection to the ice maker is secure. The wiring harness connecting the ice maker to the power supply needs to be properly attached and not damaged.

The ice maker's control module or thermostat might have been affected by the power outage. These components are responsible for triggering the ice-making cycle, and if they're malfunctioning, the ice maker won't start its cycle. Some models require a manual reset after a power outage or when a new ice maker is installed, so check your user manual for instructions on resetting the ice maker.

Additionally, the fill tube that supplies water to the ice maker can sometimes freeze, preventing water from reaching the ice maker. Ensure it's not blocked with ice. If these steps don't resolve the issue, it might be time to consult with a professional appliance technician for a more detailed diagnosis.

Given the age of your refrigerator, it's also worth considering that some components might have worn out over time. However, this doesn't necessarily explain the sudden stop in ice production following a power outage.

Hasan answered 2 weeks ago

It sounds like you've been experiencing some frustration with your Kenmore Model 363 ice maker after a recent electrical outage, despite replacing both the water valve and the ice maker itself. Given that the freezer is still freezing and the refrigerator is functioning properly, but the ice maker remains inactive, there could be a few potential issues at play.

Firstly, it's essential to ensure that the ice maker is receiving power and properly connected. Check the power supply and connections to the ice maker to confirm everything is secure.

Next, verify that the water supply line to the ice maker is not blocked or kinked, preventing water from reaching the ice maker. If necessary, try flushing the water supply line to remove any obstructions.

Additionally, inspect the ice maker's water inlet valve to ensure it is functioning correctly. Sometimes, despite replacing the valve, there may still be issues with its operation that could hinder ice production.

Furthermore, consider checking the temperature settings in the freezer compartment. While the freezer may be freezing, it's possible that the temperature is not within the optimal range for ice production. Adjusting the temperature settings slightly colder may help stimulate ice production.