LG gas range cooktop burners not igniting

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Garysn53 asked 12 months ago
Several cook top burners on our 5 year old LG gas range LSG5513ST are no longer igniting (only 1 burner is still igniting) When we try igniting them, we do hear the clicking on ALL of the burners but there is no spark visible on the burners that are not igniting We DO smell gas when attempting to ignite ALL the burners so gas supply does not seem to be the issue The cap and orifice have had a good clean as recommended in this troubleshooting guide by LG (and the other recommendations noted in the troubleshooting guide have been followed as well)- https://www.lg.com/us/support/help-...gas-cooktops-ranges-CT00000303-20150483130772 If one burner is igniting but the rest are just clicking with no spark, is it the spark module or the igniter (or the spark igniter connections) that is likely causing the issue? Any guidance on what to try would be appreciated

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Appliance Repair Staff answered 5 months ago

Troubleshooting LG Gas Range Burner Ignition Issues

If you're experiencing problems with several burners on your 5-year-old LG gas range LSG5513ST not igniting, despite hearing a clicking sound and smelling gas, this guide can help you identify and possibly resolve the issue.

Common Ignition Problems in Gas Ranges

  • Observation: Only one burner ignites, while others click without producing a spark.
  • Possible Causes: The problem might be with the spark module, igniters, or their connections.
  • Checking Spark Module and Igniters

    • Problem: Inconsistent ignition across different burners.
    • Solution: Inspect the spark module and igniters. The module might be defective if it's not sending enough voltage to the igniters. Also, check the igniters for any signs of damage or dirt.
    • Gas Flow and Igniter Alignment

      • Problem: Gas is present, but burners are not igniting.
      • Solution: Verify that the igniters are correctly aligned with the burner. Misalignment can prevent the spark from igniting the gas.
      • Cleaning and Maintenance

        • Problem: Dirty caps and orifices, despite cleaning.
        • Solution: Revisit the cleaning process. Ensure that the burner caps and orifices are thoroughly cleaned and properly positioned, as per the LG troubleshooting guide.
        • Electrical Connections

          • Problem: Loose or damaged connections to the igniters.
          • Solution: Check the electrical connections to each igniter. Ensure they are secure and not corroded or damaged.
          • Professional Assessment

            • Problem: Difficulty in diagnosing the exact issue.
            • Solution: If you're unable to pinpoint the problem or if the issue persists after checking these components, it may be best to contact a professional technician for a more detailed assessment and repair.
            • While some of these checks can be performed at home, safety should always be your priority. If you're unsure about handling gas appliances or if the problem seems complex, it's advisable to seek professional help. Remember to turn off the gas and power to the range before attempting any DIY solutions.

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