Samsung refrigerator ice maker problem

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Bruce asked 1 year ago
I have a Samsung model RS25H111 WW/AA refrigerator and the ice maker stopped working. The water in the door still works. I bought a new ice maker from Samsung, swapped it out and still no ice. Then I bought a new water inlet valve from Samsung, swapped it out and still no ice. I can hear the ice maker run, but ho water is entering the ice maker reservoirs. We did have a brown out before the problem started. What cold be the problem?

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Appliance Repair Staff answered 5 months ago

You have a Samsung refrigerator, model RS25H111 WW/AA, where the ice maker has stopped working, but the water dispenser in the door is still operational. After the ice maker ceased functioning, you replaced it with a new one from Samsung, but this didn't solve the issue. You then replaced the water inlet valve with a new one, yet there's still no ice being made. You can hear the ice maker running, but no water is entering its reservoirs. This problem began following a brownout.

Given the steps you've taken, the issue seems more complex than just a part replacement. The brownout could have caused an electrical issue in the refrigerator's control system, as such events can sometimes damage sensitive electronic components. Another possibility is that the water line leading to the ice maker is frozen, which would prevent water from reaching it, even though the water dispenser is working, since they often use separate lines. The refrigerator's control board might have been affected by the brownout, leading to issues with signaling the water inlet valve to release water into the ice maker. If your refrigerator has a water filter, it could be clogged or installed incorrectly, affecting the water flow to the ice maker. Additionally, low water pressure can prevent water from reaching the ice maker and might not affect the water dispenser in the same way.

Considering these potential issues, especially after replacing both the ice maker and the water inlet valve, consulting with a professional appliance repair technician might be the best course of action. They can conduct a thorough inspection, including checking the electrical system and water lines, to diagnose and resolve the issue. Remember, dealing with electrical appliances can be risky, so ensure you take all necessary safety precautions or seek professional assistance.

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