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Jim asked 1 year ago

GE PROFILE with Steam technology DRYER on the front panel its flashing: U5 P AU E 5E 6E. It wont start. I tried pushing the Start button on and off and even unplugging and plugging the power cord. My mother in law had put in a bed spread and its unclear to her if it started or just quit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Model PTDS650EM1WT flashing U5, P, AU, E, 5E, 6E.

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Appliance Repair Staff answered 4 months ago

You're experiencing issues with your GE Profile dryer with Steam technology, model PTDS650EM1WT, where the front panel is flashing a series of codes: U5, P, AU, E, 5E, 6E. Despite attempts to press the Start button on and off, and even after unplugging and plugging back in the power cord, the dryer won't start. This issue arose after your mother-in-law attempted to dry a bedspread, but it's unclear whether the dryer started the cycle or stopped midway.

The flashing codes on the front panel are key to diagnosing the issue. These codes are typically error messages that indicate specific problems or malfunctions within the dryer. However, the combination of U5, P, AU, E, 5E, 6E is unusual and doesn't correspond to standard error codes, which might suggest a glitch in the control panel or a miscommunication in the system.

Consulting the user manual for your GE dryer to see if these codes are listed and what they might mean is a good first step. The manual might also provide specific troubleshooting steps for these error codes. You've already tried unplugging the dryer, but try leaving it unplugged for a longer period, like 30 minutes to an hour, as this can sometimes reset the electronic components more effectively. Ensure that there's nothing blocking the dryer drum, such as small items or excess lint, which could cause the dryer to malfunction.

If the error codes continue to flash without a clear explanation, there might be an issue with the control panel or the electronic control board. Given the complexity of electronic dryers and the ambiguity of the error codes, seeking professional assistance might be the best course of action. A qualified technician can diagnose the problem accurately and suggest the appropriate repairs.

Remember, safety is paramount when dealing with electrical appliances. If you're unsure about any steps or if the problem persists, consulting with a professional technician is advisable.

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