Samsung Dishwasher Normal Light Flashing

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Diane asked 2 years ago
This is about a Samsung DW80M2020US/AA 00 dishwasher. It is less than 3 years old.A few days ago, as a part of regular maintenance, I flushed my Rheem hot water heater for the first time (also less than 3 years old). Everything went well, and after the tank filled up again, I ran all the faucets in the house to get any/all air out of the system.I realized within ½ an hour of completing the maintenance the “Normal” light was blinking on my dishwasher. I looked it up, and saw this is an error message to indicate a leak. I removed the base plate and didn’t see any water or feel any moisture. I assumed then that air must have gotten into the inlet hose and the machine mistakingly took this as a leak. These are all the things I’ve done to try and remedy the situation:1. Turn the unit off and on several times, thus forcing it to flow, flush and drain water in an attempt to push any air out of the system.2. Turned the unit off at the circuit breaker and let it sit over 24 hrs to drain all electricity and reset itself.3. Left the door open 12+ hours to allow the unit to completely dry.4. Detached the water inlet hose from the supply line (not from the machine itself), allowed it to drain and completely refill.The light is still flashing, and I’m unsure what my next steps should be (yes, I’ve already called Samsung). It seems highly unlikely to me, given the timing, that the hot water heater flush and this error code aren’t related; however, at this point, I’m open to anything.Obviously, I would love a solution that doesn’t require me to remove the unit from under my counter, but if I must do that, I would prefer to have a plan a, b, and c for ways to try and fix the problem so that I won’t have to move the unit multiple times. So, any and all ideas are very welcome and appreciated!!

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