Samsung dishwasher Error Code 4e

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Juan asked 8 years ago
My dishwasher keeps giving me an error code 4e. I know that this is a water pressure issue. I checked the water pressure and it is very strong. I then replaced the water inlet valve and still nothing. The valve is not opening at all. I unhooked the lite hose that comes out at the other end of the valve and when I try to run a cycle no water comes out. All the water is stopped at the inlet valve as it is not opening which of course will cause the 4e errors there is no water running. My concern is that the machine isn't talking to the valve to open it. I checked all the wires I did connect the connector to the inlet valve of course. I don't know what to do at this point. I've spent hours on this. Inlet valve is brand new. What else could this be?

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