Maytag dryer drum does not turn but heats

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Maytag Clothes DryerMaytag dryer drum does not turn but heats
Anonymous asked 10 years ago
My Maytag dryer drum does not run or turn but the dryer will heat up. What is wrong with my dryer? Is this something that can be fixed by someone with no DIY skills?
iajsudefhiuhn8 replied 10 years ago

Could also be a loose idler pulley that is making your dryer not turn!

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Anonymous answered 10 years ago
There is a belt that the motor turns and this belt makes your dryer turn. If the belt or motor are bad the dryer will not turn. Remove the front panel and check to see if the belt is frayed or has snapped. The complete front of your dryer has to be removed to slip the belt over the drum. When you replace the belt, it has to go on a certain way... The grooves need to be facing up from the drum and installed on the motor and idler pulley.

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