LG Dishwasher – Model LDS4921ST not enough water for cycle

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: DishwashersLG Dishwasher – Model LDS4921ST not enough water for cycle
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
When the first cycle starts, water is added to the tub as normal, seems it is also draining it out too just before the cycle starts. When cycle actually starts "spraying water" there isn't enough water in the tub, makes a rough sound that isn't normal!! opening the door and Adding a large pot of water, guessing 3/4-1 gallon, makes it sound normal and the dishes are washed better. Is there a problem with the float assembly? My first instinct was to replace motor and pump assy, because after ensuring water was able to pass through the filter, could tell that the dishes were barely getting wet. assumed a pump problem. I am replacing the filter assy as the screens seemed clogged and I cut the screen to let water flow more easily.

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