Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Leaking

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
I have a leak on a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher model 66512793K311 which is only about one year old. The problem appears to be at the diverter motor (part#: W10380170) and its seal with the bottom of the sump (part#: W10457989). Internet research so far suggest a problem with the seal being installed upside down at manufacture. However, my particular model is different than pictured solutions. Slight changes in design of the parts and most noticeable is the seal placement on my unit is a part of the sump housing and is not positioned between the diverter and under side of the sump housing. Upon disassembly I found a seal placed in the sump housing on the tub side between the housing body and the diffuser (part#: W10476221) inside the washer. I found it to be clean and intact. Treated it with plumber's silicone grease but without success. It continued to leak even when tested with the machine off, of course leak rate increased when washer ran through a test cycle. So several questions. 1) Is this seal placement correct in its position placement and orientation? 2)Am I missing a seal under the sump housing next to the diverter motor? 3) Is it possible that an unseen seal within the diverter motor has failed - if so can it be replaced or do I require a new motor eventhough my unit does not show water damage? 4) Web DIY fixs suggest adding O-rings etc. to the seal or am I stuck replacing the entire sump housing just to get a small seal? 5) What other possibilities am I missing? I thank you for any assisstance in advance. RayC

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