Ikea Dishwasher Makes Grinding Noise

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: DishwashersIkea Dishwasher Makes Grinding Noise
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Help! Can't Access the bottom area of dishwasher in newer model IKEA / I believe it's a whirlpool. 1 yr old dishwasher  from Ikea Renlig model. I believe it is a whirlpool brand is making a grinding sound during the drain cycle. I have cleaned out the filter and the checked the plastic drain pipe underneath for hard object/ food items. Can't figure out how to access the drain pump / grinder area in this particular model.

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Jenny answered 7 years ago
Hi, Wondering what the issue was.  My IKEA dishwasher is also making a grinding sound.  Tx!

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