How to repair broken plastic on a refrigerator stainless door?

Esther Morgan asked 2 years ago

I’m trying to salvage the right side refrigerator door of a Whirlpool Model #WRF560SEYM00 that has damage to the hard plastic molded frame that the metal mounting brackets attach to that allows the door hinge to be secured in place.
Some of the white insulating material has broken off inside of the door so it will probably need to be built back up a little (I’m thinking about an insulation foam that hardens).
I have ordered the parts that need to be replaced: Item #PS11739061 (Hinge bracket) Item #PS11743743 (Screw) Item #PS11755285 (Cam door).
The parts cost to repair this slightly damaged bottom corner of the door is $25 as opposed to door replacement at about $350.
What are your thoughts on how I find a way to attach the missing parts without having the plastic molding at the bottom of the stainless frame?

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