GE Washer will not spin or agitate 6 flashes on motor

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesGE Washer will not spin or agitate 6 flashes on motor
Robert asked 8 years ago
We have a 9 year old GE WPRE6100G0WT washer.  Last month the mode shifter shaft assembly failed, so I replaced it along with the belt.  It had been running fine until last week when it stopped spinning and agitating again.  At this point it sent a 2 flash code. The agitator and drum spin freely, as does the motor. The belt is in place, nice and tight, and there are no leaks or oil on the pulley.  I reset the machine, and it agitated and spun very inconsistently.  We tried running a small capacity load another day, and now we have 6 flashes on the motor. It will agitate a small amount back and forth. It tried to spin but did not keep going. After the cycle was complete and there was nothing lit on the display, the drum was going back and forth very slowly. I lifted the lid and of course it stopped. The next day I put the lid down and the drum started going back and forth again very slowly and pausing a few seconds in between movement.  I did a field service test and it would not agitate or spin, and also did not trip any of the led lights on the control panel.  Thank you for any advice you can give me.

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