Frigidaire Dishwasher LFID2422RF4B Stopped Working

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: DishwashersFrigidaire Dishwasher LFID2422RF4B Stopped Working
Lance Harwerth asked 3 years ago
I have a nearly 5-year-old Frigidaire dishwasher (Model # LFID2422RF4B) that suddenly stopped working during a cycle. It's emitting a clicking sound from the "control board area." I'm seeking assistance in diagnosing the issue. A few weeks ago, we initiated a wash cycle, but it halted before dispensing detergent. The button lights began flashing, and a clicking noise was noticeable from the control board region of the appliance. My initial thought was that the control board might be faulty, so I ordered and replaced it with a new one (PART# 5304504655). However, this replacement did not resolve the problem. In a further attempt to fix it, I also acquired and installed a new control panel/button panel, but the issue persists. I have a video demonstrating the dishwasher's symptoms, but I am unable to post the link here. If anyone has any insights or ideas on what might be causing this problem, I would greatly appreciate your input.

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