Dishwasher stops mid cycle

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Rachel asked 8 years ago
I have a Samsung dishwasher, model DW80F600UTS/AA-0001. I replaced the motor recently which was running loud for a while before it finally quit. Took the old motor out and saw that it was rusty and wet from the seal leaking, so I replaced both the motor and seal. But then a new problem became apparent, the motor won't run for more than 30 minutes before stopping and needing to cool down. I tested the resistance when the motor stops of the wire harness that plugs into the main control board which leads to the motor, and it is infinite resistance until about 10 minutes later when it's cool enough to run again. I got a second motor and it does exactly the same thing. I replaced the control board and it still does the same thing. The capacitor for the motor was also replaced but no luck. So I'm thinking something shorted in the old motor and took some other part out but I can't find which part to try and replace next. To clarify the problem, the motor just stops, and I can cancel the cycle, power off and on, flip circuit breaker, and then restart a new cycle and the motor will still not run until it's cool after about 10 minutes. The clicking relay switches are heard when the motor is supposed to start but the motor makes no noise, no hum or anything. And the drain still works fine. And when the motor stops, and if I i just leave it, the timer continues to go and if it was within 10 minutes of the end of that cycle, it will just drain like normal, start the next cycle, the motor will click but not start, and after 10 minutes total have passed the motor suddenly revs up again with no clicks to start it.