Amana top-loading washer not spinning

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Hi there! I have an Amana NTW4630YQ top-loading washer that is just over a year old.  It now will drain, but will not spin, leaving its contents soaking wet.  When I try to put it just into a drain/spin or rinse/spin cycle, the "fill sensing" light turns on, stays steady for about two seconds, and then begins flashing.  I've been through the manual and can't find anything that correlates to that light flashing.  Any advice anyone can offer would be very much appreciated! (if it's helpful, the drain hose does drain at a height higher than the cabinet of the washer--some youtube videos suggested that as a troubleshooting tip)
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

It could be the control board is faulty. <br><br>If not then the only thing that would make the washer sensing light blink is a load imbalance.<br><br>Your washer will perform a series of spins to check for load balance. During this time, a series of clicks and a whirring noise signal that sensing technology is determining if there is an off-balance load.

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