Clothes Dryer Repair Guide – How To Fix A Dryer

Here is a fast troubleshooting guide for repairing your Clothes Dryer. Use the guide to repair your dryer whether it is a front load or a top load. The repair methods below are meant to be used for all clothes dryers. If you are still having trouble with your dryer after using the troubleshooting guide below, go to our homepage to ask an appliance repair question and ask your question in complete detail to help us assist you to fix your clothes dryer.

clothes dryer repair troubleshooting guide

Clothes Dryer drum DOES NOT turn or tumble

  • Check drum belt
  • Check idler pulley
  • Test the motor for power

Clothes Dryer is constantly overheating

  • Check the lint filter for blockage
  • Check for proper air flow
  • Check the thermostat
  • Check the heating element

Clothes Dryer tumbles and turns but NOT heating

  • Check for proper air flow (lint filter)
  • Test timer motor
  • Test heating element
  • Test safety thermal fuse
  • Test thermostats

Clothes Dryer does not work at all NO POWER

  • Make sure the dryer is receiving electrical power
  • Check circuit breaker
  • Test outlet for voltage
  • Test door switch
  • Test start switch
  • Test safety fuse
  • Test thermostats
  • Test timer motor
  • Test motor

Clothes Dryer takes too long to dry clothing

  • Check lint filter to be sure it is clean
  • Check for proper air flow
  • Check vent hose for bends
  • Test heating element
  • Test thermostats

Clothes Dryer is noisy

  • Make sure dryer is level
  • Check drum belt
  • Check drum support rollers
  • Check idler pulley
  • Check glides
  • Check drum bearings
  • Check blower

dryer parts identificationDryer parts identification

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  1. I have a Kenmore 90 Series Dryer (Model 11060942990).
    When the push-to-start button is pressed the dryer turns on but will not stay on when you take your finger off the push button.
    Also, it does not appear to heat if you hold the start button on for 1 minute or two.
    I have watched your videos (Thanks !!) and I have checked the resistance for the Hi-Limit Thermostat, the Thermal Cutoff, the Thermal Fuse, and the Push-to Start Button — all are good.
    I have replaced the Motor Relay with a new one.
    Still the same problem persists.
    Can you tell me what might be wrong ??


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