Wolf Rangetop Igniter Not Functioning Properly

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John Draganescu asked 3 years ago
Hi, I have a Wolf RT-36 range top with six open burners. Recently the right front burners igniter will not activate--no clicking or spark detected--when turning the control knob with plenty of natural gas flow present. Turning on any other burner successfully causes all igniters to fire--including the right front's igniter--and then quickly turning the knob on the right front burner to supply gas results in successful ignition of the right front burner. In light of the above pattern, is the problem due to a defective igniter wiring harness? With all other burners functioning properly and the right front burner's igniter working properly when another burner is activated, I would not think it was the spark module. If I am correct, would this be a project an intermediate DIYer would be able to perform? Is anyone aware of a service manual that provides detailed instructions? Besides Wolf dealers and repair centers, are there any online parts vendors people have successfully used?
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