Why doesn’t my washing machine wash my clothes.

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWhy doesn’t my washing machine wash my clothes.
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Hello. Basically I tried everything. Master reset, changed worn out drive belt & replaced a cracked pulley. I have a old white westinghouse top loader washing machine. I place my settings to small load I let the water fill up the tub to its exact setting. Once filled up only with water the water flow stops and the machine kicks in to wash but it doesn't it moves slowly and then it stops. I can hear the motor running fine. It tried to kick in again but this time the agitator doesn't move and I hear a buzzing sound followed by a few clicks then shuts off again. The washing machine doesn't have a problem draining the water out and it spins perfectly fine and fast to drain all the water out. I really am clueless about what is the problem. Can you please give me some advice. Please. And if you can list a few things to check and determine if everything is the way it should be. Thanks again.

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