Why does my washer smell like burning rubber?

Appliance Repair Troubleshooting QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWhy does my washer smell like burning rubber?
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Whirlpool top loading washing machine model# WTW5300SQ0. Did a small load of clothes, then the machine quit, and smelled like burning rubber. Let it cool down, and later that day did another load, and it was fine. Did a couple small loads today, and again, ran through all cycles with no issues. I did notice that smell again right about the time it started agitating. I am assuming the motor overheated the other day and shut itself down, washer seems to be working fine now, but still have that burnt smell sometimes. Is this just a belt needing replaced? Your help is appreciated!
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 8 years ago

It is recommended to remove and replace the belt on your washer. If the smell is burning rubber, than this is your issue. The belt may be worn and when you do a large load it absorbs the excess stress and slides on the pulleys with more friction causing the burning smell only at certain times. Replace the belt and your issue will go away.

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