Whirlpool WED4616FW Dryer not drying fully

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersWhirlpool WED4616FW Dryer not drying fully
JAMES L KLIEBER asked 5 years ago
I bought a brand new Whirlpool WED4616FW dryer in my new house because my old dryer that came with the house was not drying the clothes. After the install of the new dryer it was working better but it was still not working properly. I have about a 25 foot run in my crawlspace for the ductwork which i split in the middle and cleaned out all the lint which was a lot. Again working better but not full. If i dry clothes or sheets it's not bad but if i put bath towels in it will take me over two hours and that is only 3-4 towels. Now i am double questioning myself if i removed all the lint (which i'm pretty sure i did remove). Could it be a problem with the electric?

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