Whirlpool washing machine spin not working

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago
I have a Whirlpool washing machine model WTW4950XW0. I have already replaced the lid switch and it has not alleviated the following problem. I think it is the shift actuator but would like a double check on that. Currently the washer fills, washes and drains properly. It is not spinning right all of the time. Sometimes it spins perfect, other times sort of ok (clothes are a little more wet than normal) and most times it doesn’t spin the water out at all. It tries and then quickly gives up leaving it on the spin LED. Yesterday I heard it go into spin cycle and then the motherboard started clicking. When it clicked the spin would stop then start back up trying to get to speed. Then it would click and stop and repeat again. Eventually it stopped clicking and it spun out. I pulled the F7 E1 error code which relates to the motor, cap and actuator. I ran through the automatic test and all steps ran perfectly EXCEPT the spin test. That test started and seemed to stutter or hesitate and did not get up to speed. Agitation tests worked fine. I then went into manual test mode. All tests worked fine EXCEPT spin AND NOW agitate. When I try to test those four of the five LEDs flash continuously and the test is not performed. Any advice?

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Appliance Repair Staff answered 10 years ago
First unplug replug all the wiring connectors that run inside the washer. Tilt the washing machine back to gain access to the connectors for the motor, capacitor, shift actuator and pump. Pull the pump out and make sure nothing is stuck inside of it. Reset the connectors at the control board. Check for error codes in the tech manual and reset them. Perform the calibrate function. If nothing works, replace the shift actuator. The SHIFT ACTUATOR is a very high failure item on this washer design. See Whirlpool schematic below to see where the wiring connectors are located: Whirlpool washer top load schematic
mikeandkim25 replied 10 years ago

Thanks for the info. After replacing the switch I did do a calibrate and clear the codes. Do you really think that unplugging and plugging connectors could solve the problem? Just curious. Do I unplug and plug at the mother board as well or is there a actual reset switch you are referring to?In terms of the pump I see complete normal drain function so I would assume that is working normal and not clogged.

Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 10 years ago

Yes we would recommend unplugging all (including at the motherboard) electrical wiring harnesses and plugging them back in. This confirms everything is secure as if one harness is not secure it will cause the exact issues you are having. This is the recommended procedure before replacing major components. Let us know the outcome after you perform this procedure and we can assist further if needed.

Rjniemann replied 9 years ago

Same issueAutomatic test done. Shifter moves to agitation position. Error. Doesn’t agitate. Also shifter moves to spin. Doesn’t spin. Motor works both agitate and spin. actuator replaced. Recalibrated. Still not working in auto test.

Rjniemann replied 9 years ago

If not the actuator, what else could it be?

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