Whirlpool Washing Machine Model WTW4800XQ0

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Ronald Smith asked 5 years ago
This machine had not been used for a few months. When initially started there it went to either the spin or the drain cycle and quit and had water in the machine. the best I can remember, I manually put it on the drain cycle and drained the unit. the next time I started it I heard a growling sound that sounded like gears grinding. after a few days I tried again and the lights functioned in the testing mode but I did not know how to work the functions so I quit in order to learn more.Now, when plugging in the power the lid light blinks immediately and no other function will work. I cannot get the test function to work and the machine will not come on in any position. No fill spin, drain, nothing. I have replaced the lid switch with a whirlpool lid switch and the exact symptoms exist. The lid switch sounds as if it is energizing but the lid will not lock. If you can help I would greatly appreciate it and thank you for your time.

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