Whirlpool washing machine makes loud clicking sound at the END of spin cycle

Appliance Repair Troubleshooting QuestionsCategory: Appliance QuestionsWhirlpool washing machine makes loud clicking sound at the END of spin cycle
Ali Mowahed asked 12 months ago
I can not understand why the splutch or whatever they call it seem to lift up disengaging from the pulley, just before the spin comes to a full stop. It does not do that on the first run of spin as the spin is in two stages as a rule for most of these types of washing machines. The first part is a little slower and is not as long as the second half. I have watched very closely, in the first part it the teeth stays put as it slows down and stops and there is clearly no wear on the teeth. I have taken the whole thing out and have looked very closely. The teeth fits nicely on the pulley teeth. There is clearly no issue with the shifter either. Why there is no problem when the spin stops in the first half, no clicking, no lifting. All the teeth remain fully engaged. I have also replaced the shifter by using another good one from another washing machine that had no issues just to test it to see if it is the shifter. The clicking did not change. I am left to blame something wrong with the control module....?

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