Whirlpool Washer will not spin, drain or agitate

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Whirlpool Washing MachineWhirlpool Washer will not spin, drain or agitate
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
I got a new to me whirlpool washer RAS8244LQ2, noticed after about a year of use it started to skip spin cycles and agitator worked 50 % of time. I replaced the direct drive motor coupling worked fine for a few weeks and broke again but this time it didn't drain and the agitator was locked up. I have checked the water pump (clear), the clutch (moved with some resistance) and replaced the coupling again (both time the side by the motor broke ) ; still no joy. I test the transmission and motor outside of the tub assembly, the motor tries to run but nothing will spin but will move if hand turned. I removed the transmission from the motor and the motor will spin when spin cycle is selected. When spin cycle is selected it hums but a manual turn at the coupling it will click then spin normally. Both ways the motor is very hot for a few seconds of running. I do not have more than a 200 budget to fix or replace the washer (another new to me), if anyone can give me a possible suggestion of what could be wrong or other things I should try I would be grateful. Washer will not spin, drain or agitate; it hums and has a slight burning smell. All ready replaced coupling worked and died, need help can't afford a new washer.  

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