Whirlpool Washer Top Load Needs Nudge For Final Spin

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Hi, We have a Whirlpool top load washer, # LSQ8543JQO. In the past week or so it has not been spinning during the final cycle (it will agitate and spin during cycle). I can hear the motor wanting to run during the final cycle. When set to the final spin with the door switch depressed, the inner tub only needs some momentum (a nudge) to get it spinning properly. Then I can close the door and the spin finishes just fine. After some research, I took it apart and looked at the motor coupling (just fine) but was unable to get the spanner nut off to look at the drive block. What other things should I look at for troubleshooting? Also, would it be unwise of me to just buy the spanner wrench and drive block and hope that's the problem..? (Christmas and four kids makes money tight right now). Thanks! Sara
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

You should check to see if the belt is worn or slightly loose. Or, possibly a pulley is out of adjustment. You should be able to pluck the belt and get a nice resounding "ping". The belt shouldn't be over tightened though. There should be some sideways play and you should be able to move the belt from side to side approximately a quarter of an inch in the middle. Even though your washer agitates and spins, the final spin is a faster speed and the belt may be slipping on the pulleys.<br><br>After checking the above, then possibly the drive block could be your problem. Check the stated info above and let us know what you find.

sf.garber replied 9 years ago

It’s a direct drive, no belts.

Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Our records indicated this model was produced in belt AND direct drive….. Ok the best way to go about this with direct drive is to troubleshoot down this list with top ones being most likely.<br><br>Slow or no final spin<br><br>1 – Lid switch defective<br><br>2 – Lid switch disconnect plug open/burnt<br><br>3 – Clothes between basket and outer tank<br><br>4 – Lint filter caught between the wash basket and outer holding tank<br><br>5 – Wiring harness<br><br>6 – Bad motor capacitor<br><br>7 – Weak clutch<br><br>8 – Timer switches (possible not allowing the pause required for the transmission to set up to spin)<br><br>9 – Motor<br><br>10 – Cam driver on basket drive broken or basket drive weak<br><br>11 – Spin tube<br><br>12 – Notches in drive block worn out and not engaging basket drive shaft<br><br>13 – Broken motor coupling

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