Whirlpool top load washer is not working on certain cycles

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Whirlpool Washing MachineWhirlpool top load washer is not working on certain cycles
Karen Schoonover asked 2 years ago
My Whirlpool Model WTW5000DW1 machine is only a year old and about I week ago I realized one of my loads had not completely drained and completed the final spin cycle so I just assumed it had gone off balance so I re-arranged the clothes and re-set it on the Drain/Spain option and it worked and every thing was fine.  Now, it's gotten worse where lately it fills, washes, drains and as soon as it starts to fill for the rinse cycle it cuts off the the rinse light just blinks.  I can cancel the operation altogether by holding the start/cancel button for the required 3 seconds and the water will drain out.  At first, I could switch the control knob over to the Rinse/Spin option and after a few times of trying it would finally fill, rinse, drain but would not spin. I could also switch the control knob over to the Drain/Spin option and get that to work, but now all I can get it to do is wash.  As soon as the lid lock light comes on when it suppose to rinse/spin or drain/spin I can hear it start to work and then it cuts off and the Rinse or Spin light just flashes.

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