Whirlpool stops mid warm wash cycle

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWhirlpool stops mid warm wash cycle
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Whirlpool wfw9150ww00 stops mid wash cycle with beeping and wash light flashing 8 times then 1 time. I read that the error is NO WATER DETECTED ENTERING WASHER OR PRESSURE SWITCH TRIP NOT DETECTED. I removed any debris from the hot and cold water inlet valves as well as checked pressure switch hose for debris. I also blew into the pressure switch and heard the expected two clicks. I ran it on a cold cycle only with no errors (stopped it once it started to spin and drain). Ran it on a hot cycle only with no errors (stopped it once it started to spin and drain). It only stops and errors on warm cycle. Not sure what else the problem can be Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Here are the obvious things to check:<br>Possible Causes/Procedure- <br>Check if the home has low water pressure; open the water faucets.<br>- Unplug washer or disconnect power.<br>- Make sure that cold and hot valves at the water source are turned on all the way.<br>- Check for plugged or kinked inlet hoses or plugged screens in the inlet valves.<br>- Check all hoses for possible leaks.<br>- Check to see if you are using an aftermarket “no flood” hose.<br><br>You may have a wiring issue, the below steps will help you to be sure:<br>- Make sure that wire harness connections from Inlet Valves (double and single), Drain Pump, Pressure Switch, & CCU (PR6, DP2, VCH7, and DI6 cavities connectors) are not broken or with wires detached, and that connector internal pins are visible.<br>- Check the continuity between the following components:<br>A. Inlet valve connectors (double and single) to the CCU (VCH7 and DI6 cavities)<br>B. Drain Pump & CCU (DP2 cavity) connectors<br>C. Pressure Switch & CCU (PR6 cavity) connectors.<br>- If the continuity diagnosis failed, Main Harness must be replaced.<br>- Check the resistance of the Inlet valve in each port of the valve (double & single).<br>- Make continuity test to the Pressure SW.