Whirlpool side by side refrigerator not cooling

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Melissa asked 5 years ago
I have a side by side Whirlpool refrigerator that stopped cooling both the fridge and freezer. I cleaned it out very well even had someone tilt it so I could reach the coils I couldn’t with it down. I even unscrewed and cleaned the back of it carefully. I plugged it it for a second before putting the back piece back on to be sure the fan was working after cleaning it. The fan worked and the compressor sounded like it was. After closing it and plugging it back in (it was unplugged for hours) it’s still not cooling- even overnight. I hear maybe one low click about every two mins or so, but there is cold air coming out of the bottom (where the grill is) and also on the side of where the freezer is. This is why I originally thought after cleaning before having someone tilt it that something may be clogging up a vent/hard to reach coil or something.Any ideas? I don’t want to pay a repair guy to likely tell me I need a new compressor. Thank you for your time..

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