whirlpool refrigerator running constantly and fan is sporatic on and off

Billie Sample asked 1 month ago

Whirlpool ET4WSKYSQ00. Serial VST4167915 The fridge runs constantly but the fan is sporadic. It doesn’t come on every time the motor comes on and the motor is running constantly. I inspected the fan and it is clean and not obstructed by anything. This morning the fan worked for approximately 40 min. Then the refrigerator shut down for about 10 minutes and came back on without the fan and the fridge is humming constantly for about 2 days now. Sounds like it is trying to defrost and the fan does not come on for a long period of time. Everything is cold in the freezer. I would like to have some idea of what part is not working so we can order one. Do you think you could help me? Thank you – Calvin

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