Whirlpool refrigerator problem

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KEVIN S HARTMAN asked 4 years ago
My 2008 Whirlpool gold refrigerator GI5FSAXVY00 has problems. It\'s ones with the French doors on top and freezer drawer on bottom. The water and ice in the door will not operate. You have to press a button to choose which one you want. The button lights up like you\'ve made the switch but when you depress the lever there is no action from the water solenoid or from the ice maker like the auger the door opening anything. I actually tested the micro switch on the button your cup pushes against and it is fine. Then I noticed the refrigerator is only cooling at about 55° and the freezer at about 15°. The underneath the refrigerator is clean as far as dust and debris. From what I have read so far I am thinking it may be the main control module board on the rear of the refrigerator. I see online they sell them or sell the service to repair them. Do you think that this is the issue? I also know there is a module on the front of the refrigerator behind where the control panel is. I see these are also available as repair parts. Just not sure which one is the problem. I figured if it was a bad compressor the water part and everything would still work. That\'s what makes me think it\'s a module board. What advice can you give me on what to repair?

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