Whirlpool Imperial Washer – Basket won’t spin or drain

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWhirlpool Imperial Washer – Basket won’t spin or drain
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Whirlpool Imperial series washer...Will fill with water ... can manually turn and lock on agitator. Water can drain out of hose manually, if gravity drained. It WILL not allow the basket to spin (and can hardly be spin manually). Buzzing noise by cycle control knob, (not the end of cycle buzzer to alert you it's done, the actual cycle select switch) as well as a low hum by the motor. During this noise, if I lift the lid, it will stop, so I am confident the lid switch IS functioning. I tried to spin the the plastic motor coupler, and it won't turn, so I assume that is not broke either, or else it would free spin wouldn't it? There is no burning smell coming from the motor. It sounds like the motor is trying to spin but it cannot, and is causing the cycle control switch to buzz because of this. Any ideas if I need a new motor? Or could it be the clutch? The majority of the buzzing noise is coming from behind the cycle select/control knob, you can barely tell there is a hum coming from the motor.. Help please!

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