Whirlpool front load stuck in drain mode

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Whirlpool duet front load is stuck in drain mode won't turn on, door is locked, and not spinning.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

First unplug the machine for about 5 minutes.<br><br>If that does not remedy the issue then…..Then it seems as if the drain filter is clogged, Remove the panel under the door by taking the 3 screws out from the bottom. <br><br>Check to be sure the drain filter is not clogged. <br><br>Clean it out and retest the machine.

a replied 9 years ago

The unplug tip worked like a charm.

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Anonymous answered 8 years ago
My whirlpool duet is doing the same thing, I'll try this.. Thank you!

Jeff answered 8 years ago
I tried unplugging for 5 minutes with no luck. I tried unplugging the pink wire that runs to the circuit board and no luck. I cleaned out the filter which was filled with soap scum and no luck. I unplugged the machine and pink power wire to the board again and still no luck. This all started from the anti-burst valve being triggered and it cut off the flow of water to the machine. This cause a F8E1 or F1E8 code, can\'t recall the order. That code no longer appears and the door is locked and it keeps trying to drain. I tried blowing out the pressure sensor hose with no luck. I used the manual door lock release to unlock the door to get my laundry out in the mean time. I\'m out of ideas here.

Anonymous answered 8 years ago
Same problem here. Started with the 8-1 code...but cleared that  

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