Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine Error Code F02

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Paula asked 2 years ago

My whirlpool duet washer is giving an error code F02.
I have cleaned out the drains and can’t find a clog anywhere.
I have run rinse and drain without anything in the washer and it works fine.
As soon as I put clothes in it won’t drain or spin.
Would that mean it’s a problem with the pump?
Eventually I can get the water drained by gravity out of the washer.

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Appliance Repair answered 2 years ago

A Whirlpool washing machine with the F02 error code means that the washer detects a long drain time.
This is mostly caused by the following reasons:
1 – Excessive suds in the tub
2 – A block or clog in the drain pump
3 – A block or clog in the drain hose
4 – Other issue with draining system


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