Whirlpool Duet Model #WFW94HEXW2-Intermittently staying in rinse cycle

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Joel Clark asked 5 years ago
Hello. I have a Whirlpool Duet Model #WFW94HEXW2. This happens intermittently. Not throwing any codes - When the washing machine is going from the wash cycle to the rinse cycle, the (cold) water coming in will not shut off but I can hear water draining. It will quit draining but water still comes in which causes imbalance of the tub and starts thumping. I stop the cycle, turn off the cold water and drain the water inside the tub. I tried a cycle without laundry and it worked fine. The weird thing is it isn't throwing any codes. About 6 months ago it threw a code and I cleaned out the coin trap and it was fine. Coin trap again? Cold water inlet sensor? Does it only throw codes after so many faults? I would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks. Joel