Whirlpool dryer won’t start

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Chris asked 8 years ago
I have tried replacing all of the parts commonly known too keep dryer from starting, including the motor. I've tested everything I know to test and still it does not run. The timer seems to check out good also. The motor runs off a test cord plug into 120 Outlet but will not run off the dryers power. Even tried hooking it to one leg of the 240 and still does not run. Power is coming into the dryer from the plug. I am at a loss as to what the problem could be. All the information I get off of the computer gives the same symptoms and fixes but none of these have solved my problem. There is no sign of Life anywhere in the dryer even though there is juice to everything.

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Appliance Repair Staff answered 8 years ago
What is the model number of your Whirlpool dryer? Have you checked the start button and all wire harnesses on the control panel?

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