Whirlpool Direct Drive Washer – Won’t Agitate

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Whirlpool direct drive washer won't agitate, slow spin, rapid loud clicking noise in area of motor. I had a load of clothes in, left lid open at start of rinse cycle for water to fill before adding fabric softener. Didn't get back before agitate cycle ended prior to start of drain/spin so reset timer to start of rinse cycle, closed lid and immediately heard loud, rapid clicking sound coming from motor area. From past experience I would characterize the sound as that of some sort of switch being repeatedly energized. Machine did not agitate but tub began to slowly rotate. I stopped it then reset timer to start of wash cycle (at the point where it stops filling and begins agitate). Same result. Tried timer reset to several different points in various cycles all with basically same results (the loud clicking noise present always at any points in cycle other than fill). Being in the midst of some other activities at the time I set timer to spin, closed lid and left the area. Much later, when I returned to remove the clothes they were (almost but not quite dripping) wet and there was an electrical smell in the vicinity. The clothes being too wet to deal with I reset timer to spin and nothing. No click, no sound or response at all. Not on any speed at any point in any of the cycles. Put the whole situation onĀ  'timeout' till now. Went to troubleshoot/diagnose today and it's back where it started w/clicking sound, no agitate but slow spin instead. I did not refill the machine today when I tried this and it seems I recall it won't agitate w/o water in tub.Y/N?-I was focused on the 'clicking' sound.

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