Whirlpool Cabrio top loading washer that won’t spin

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWhirlpool Cabrio top loading washer that won’t spin
Steven Brown asked 8 years ago
I have a Whirlpool Carbrio WTW5840BW0 washer that will fill and drain, but it will not spin. i think the roommate may have overloaded it. i have tried to reset it by unplugging it and waiting a minute, then replug and open and close lid 6 times in 12 seconds. I have checked the control board and it has a green light, i have replaced the actuator, twice. I ran diagnostics mode and the last set of errors to come up with the new actuator is F7 E1 and F7 E5. there is a belt on bottom, so i would call this belt driven. I did reset the codes before testing. i sounds like it wants to turn and i have even see it shudder for lack of a better term like it is trying to grab and move. then it sounds like the motor is turning but nothing. I haven't been able to find a coupler on this yet to see if it is broken.

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