Westinghouse refrigerator Silhouette Frost Free 445

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Daniel asked 3 years ago
Smell of overheating electrical parts (bakelite? enamel insulation??). Eventually fusebox C/B tripped.After leaving it turned off overnight, it seems to run when switched back on, but still the smell of \'cooked\' components from the electrical area (bottom-rear).Matsushita compressor is labelled FN91017G.Photos show: compressor relay(?) - looks like \'PTH490C-AS330\' some other bakelite device with round body (looks like MRKK MM3-26GCH = thermal overload??)Is the \'starter relay\' switching in a start-winding on startup, then switching it out after some time? Can you help with a circuit or wiring diagram so I can fault-find which part is causing the overheating?Thank you.

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