WESTINGHOUSE 700 Washer does not spin properly

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWESTINGHOUSE 700 Washer does not spin properly
Suzie asked 8 years ago
WESTINGHOUSE MASTERMIND 700 doesn't spin properly.... (Model LF700B) First started once machine was moved and not properly stabilized again Only spins properly when weighed down on certain corners. If not weighed down, it only spins slowly and the cycle takes ~3x longer. Sometimes the machine stops with 'no inlet' flashing on the panel Sometimes it helps to take out some of the clothing (not that we ever over-fill the machine with clothing). I'm assuming this reduces the weight of the clothing and enables the machine to spin. I have removed the panels but cannot tell if the drive belt needs replacing? It doesn't look particularly worn, stretched or deteriorated. Is it likely to be the drive belt that needs replacing? Or something else?

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