Washing Machine – Spin Part of Drain and Spin Cycle Will Not Start

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWashing Machine – Spin Part of Drain and Spin Cycle Will Not Start
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
My GFCI on the washer was plugged in and the washer itself stopped working - the washer appeared to be the lid switch because the green LED light that tells you the time left and what it's doing said "Lid". I also replaced the GFCI because it just kept tripping without really being prompted.  The way I understand it so far, the washer could have affected the outlet, and vice versa...I replaced the lid switch on the washer - it didn't fix it. I read something about a dent in the lid, which I did have, I popped it out and thought it was fixed...few runs later - no fix. I have a new magnet, but the old one appears to not be the problem.  By the time I get a response to this, I'm fairly confident I will be able to tell you it did not fix it. Instead of replacing a bunch of parts, I wired the two wires together that were leading up to the lid switch so it would always run unless we pushed stop. It worked about 2 or 3 loads of laundry, then the spin cycle stopped working.  It will still spin and wash the clothes, but when it comes to the post-drain spinning, it will not. Where do I look now?

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