Washing Machine shuts off and stays off for approx 24hrs

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWashing Machine shuts off and stays off for approx 24hrs
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
My sister's 2 year old Samsung washer model WF0804X8E will only run properly on the "Daily Wash" setting. When other programmes are selected on the dial, the machine stops halfway through the cycle and just shuts down. It usually comes back to life the next day. I was not aware of this when I tried to use the eco clean setting to clean the washer. I have drained the water from the emergency drain hose, cleaned the drain filter which did not need cleaning, I have unplugged the machine for 15 minutes to reset the computer but as I write this, the washer has been "dead" for about 12 hours. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.    Gerry Ward.

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