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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
My washing machine is a basic GE machine about 9 yrs old.  I found a puddle of water on the ground under and around it 2 days ago.  I though I may have over filled it so I tried another load with less clothes and it did the same thing but there was more water on the floor than the first time.  I have done a few more loads since then (because I have three kids and they need clean clothes) and each load produced more and more water.  After the first load I took the front off and watched where the water was coming from to better diagnose the issue.  There is a white pipe/tube in the back and that is where it is coming from.  I watched it and it just kept filling.  I did some research online and found that my problem had something to do with the pressure switch area.  So I ordered a GE brand pressure switch and it came yesterday, we installed it no problem and tried a load.  The first load leaked a tiny bit just some drops, the second load produced a lot more water and today again gallons of water.  I tried removing the pressure tube and blowing through it and no air was coming out of it indicating there is no holes and nothing was blocking the tube either.  I can not find anything on the internet that says what it may be after replacing the switch.  I am on the verge of buying an new one but if this one can be fixed economically I would prefer that. Thanks
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

If you purchased a brand new GE made WLC (Water Level Control Switch) that should have taken care of the issue. <br><br>It is possible the new WLC is faulty or installed incorrectly. <br><br>The tube that connects to it should be replaced also just to be sure. <br><br>By removing the tube you will then know there is no obstruction causing your issue. <br><br>Are you able to see the water go up the tube and actually make contact with the switch? <br><br>The switch acts on pressure and if the switch has been dropped or banged around it may not work properly. But this is unlikely.<br><br>If you can supply us with the exact model number we can give better more detailed advice.

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