Washing machine not spinning to drain

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Derek MacMahon asked 8 years ago
Whirlpool washing machine does not spin to drain. Otherwise, the motor IS running, the agitator IS moving, the water IS draining. If I open the lid & I notice it\'s not spinning to drain, I reach in and turn the tub about 1/4 turn clockwise by hand. Then, once I close the lid, it spins to drain. I have tried Master Reset, replaced the lid switch, and the checked the hose for water level control valve (blew air into small plastic tube). I took a quick look at the coupling (did NOT take it apart) it did not look broken, cracked, etc. Thoughts?

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Tiffany answered 8 years ago
My Haier won't run through it's spin cycle.  Agitator is working on wash cycle... Drains on rinse cycle.  It was fine until I washed my bedding (the comfoter particularly).  

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