Washing Machine Does Not Spin Drain

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWashing Machine Does Not Spin Drain
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
My Washing Machine drained the water only once & then stopped draining water. i tried with with different programs & it worked only for washing still not draining. Then tried only to do the Spin even that was unsuccessful. On that day i loaded a Towel, bed-sheet, pillow covers, the capacity is 6.5KG, Technician also couldn't figure the problem but he opened the top cover & gave a hard push backwards on the drum then it started to spin, so what's the problem over here? could you pls help me to find it?
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

We need the make and model to help. Does your motor have multiple capacitors? Did the technician check the belt, pulleys, etc?

jerom2008 replied 9 years ago

Its Samsung (WF-B1061) there’s only one capacitors and the local tech thought that might the case, but after testing the capacitor he found there’s no any issue with it, no problem with belt or pulleys either

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